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About Tree Trimmin Express

Tree Trimmin Express was started in 2004 by owner/operator Joe Koster with 1 truck.  Today the company has grown into an 8 truck, 8 driver organization.  In 2012 Tree Trimmin Express added repair services and now runs a 16 employee garage.

After 20+ years of driving for other people, Joe Koster and eventually several other drivers, decided to become owner/operators and the company was created. The story of it's name is interesting. Back in Dallas Texas, going through neighborhoods they were always 'trimmin' the branches of trees and one day Joe Koster took a tree down while making a delivery. Not to worry, the owner wanted the tree cut down anyway. Since then the company has been known as Tree Trimmin Express.

As time went on they started adding more trucks to the business. Trucks breakdown and they ended up doing service on four trucks in Joe's driveway, until his wife said 'No more!" Thus the Old State Road location became necessary, and the garage was opened. 

imgThree trucks
Three trucks
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Two trucks
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One truck
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